Do I have to pay to publish my manuscript?

No. You do not pay anything to publish your work with us. We take all the risks of publishing your book. However, if we are not interested in publishing your book but you are still move forward, you may be offered a Contributory Agreement. A contributory agreement means the author incurs part or all of the publishing cost. 


Do you offer free copies when my book is published?

We have recently updated our policy on free copies. Instead of a free copy, authors are offered huge discounts of up 75% on any number of copies they order..


Do I lose rights to my book?

NO. You will retain ownership of the copyright to your work, even after entering into a contractual agreement with us. The only rights you give up are the rights of duplication and dissemination of your work.


What are the steps for publication?

First, send us your manuscript for review. In 3 to 4 weeks, you will receive feedback as to whether we are interested in publishing your work. If we are interested and you still want to publish your work with us, you must then accept our Terms & Conditions to give us permission to proceed with formatting of your book files. We have up to 10 business days within which your book will be published and made available.

Can I still publish my Book if it is rejected after the Review?

Yes.  You may have a good book but it does not fit within our review criteria or we are not interested in investing in it. You can choose to invest in publishing your book. We offer the cheapest publishing deals and your book enjoys the same privileges as all other books. You will have to discuss this with your assigned publishing consultant.


Do you have a preferred file format for manuscript?

YES. Prepare your manuscript in Font Size 12, Times New Roman, and 1.5 or 2 (double) spacing on an A4 white paper. Margins should be 1 inch on all sides.


Can I influence or change the cover design of my book?

YES. You are a partner in the publishing of your book. While most publishers do not allow authors to participate in designing the cover, we allow you to see you cover design and approve it before publication. You can submit a cover design for your book or allow our expert designers to do the job for you. Your approved cover is the one that is uploaded for production.

Will you edit my manuscript before publication?
Generally, the author is responsible for substantial editing of their book, As part of the publishing process, Miraclaire performs free proofreading and basic editing service to ensure top quality books. . 


How long do I have to wait for the production of my book?

After all the steps are complete and you have reviewed and approved all the files for your book, we have up to ten (10) business days to publish your book. It is made available in our online stores immediately and may take up to seven to fourteen (7-14) days to be available on Amazon and other online stores. Your free copy ships out fourteen days after publication.


What is Print-To-Order (PTO)? Why does MP use this method?

Unlike traditional publishing Print-To-Order (PTO) allows a book to be produced according to Demand. This allows us to print books from 1 copy to as many copies as possible in high-quality without the burden of stocking and inventory keeping.



Where will my book be available?

Your book is assigned a unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number) upon publication and so it can be located anywhere in the world. After completion, we will make it to the leading book wholesalers worldwide.


How much will my book cost and who determines the retail price?

The selling price is determined by the publisher. This depends on various factors. The price is only determined at the end of the production process. 


Are there discount when I purchase copies of my own work?

Yes. When you purchase copies of your work(s) from us, you get discounts up to 75% of the market price depending on the number of copies.


What can I do to promote the sales of my book?

You can invite friends or professional to write a review of your work. Such reviews can be published on online bookstores like You can also inform journalists of the release of your book and tell them to send requests for review copies from the press. We will send free copies to the person. Word-of mouth advertising is always helpful.

Also, you can organize Book Lunch or Signing events, and invite us to partner with you in making it successful.


Can I also sell my book?

Yes! Authors make more money when they are involved in the sale of their books. You can order copies of your book from us and benefit from the special author discount. You are free to sell these copies to generate additional income. You can organize Book Lunch or Signing events, and we will assist in making it successful.




Your Royalty is 30% of Net Book Revenue. What does this mean?

The Net Book Revenue is calculated as Market (Selling) Price – Production Cost.


How do I know my royalty?

Author receive quarterly royalty statement notifications for each quarter during which their book is sold. 


Do I earn Royalties on my purchases?

No. When Authors buy their books they do not earn Royalties because they buy at the production cost (plus other discounts).


When do I get paid my royalty?

A royalty check or direct deposit of royalty is issued in the quarter following the quarter when your total royalty exceed $50. If you earn royalty in the first quarter, you will receive a royalty check before the end of the second quarter.

If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us through the Contact Form and a member of our Team will get back to you soon.