Hybrid Publishing Services

After a manuscript has been approved by our Editorial Team, MP will offer the author one of two possibilities:

  • Free Publishing Contract (where the book is published at no cost to the author) or

  • Contributory Publishing Agreement (where the author covers all or a portion of the cost of publishing their work)

Unique ISBN

We assign a unique 13 digits ISBN to each published book thereby making it available throughout the world. Our book titles are catalogued and distributed to the book wholesalers worldwide. 

High Royalties

We offer very high royalty options. Authors earn quarterly royalties depending on the net sales volume of their books.


Print to Order

Our Print to Order is a high-quality, innovative and ecological printing method that eliminates the need for costly bulk printing and inventory. Books are stored in databases and printed at anytime based on in the quantities demanded and ordered.

Special Author Discount

We offer special author discounts of up to 75% when the author purchases copies of their books.