Miraclaire Publishing is an independent publishing company. The personalized attention we give to our authors makes it possible for new authors and established authors to publish without the necessity for a literary agent.

We create, promote, distribute, and preserve  a wide variety of books in multiple formats. We are committed to the durability, availability and affordability of books.


We combine the experience of researchers, writers, publishers, and marketers with technological innovation to publish and promote the best quality of books. Our ability to follow up the life cycle of a book from the point of inspiration to completion, and from delivery and long term preservation make Miraclaire Publishing unique and enable us to maximize the impact of our publications.


We work closely with authors in publishing their works, and we ensure quality by offering professional services in all domains of publishing. Through partnerships with other marketing and distribution agencies, we give writers the widest possible publicity and make their books available in multiple formats at different locations across the globe. 

Our operations are Cloud based with several professional working from different locations at different times. All in an effort to deliver the best publishing experience.